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We seek to build community by creating an environment for people to come together and feel welcome. 

We strive to create a positive environment that encourages creativity and fosters collaboration. 


Open Positions

Open Barista Call

  • Serve customers with kindness and consideration in a timely manner.

  • Consider other employees needs and arrive a few minutes before your shift, focused on the job at hand. Limit calling out whenever possible, and when needed, call as far in advance of your shift as possible. 

  • Take pride in your work and do it to your best ability. Ask for help with tasks you are either unfamiliar with or need additional training on. 

  • Be proactive when you have extra time and address tasks before they become a need or issue. Don’t wait for someone else to do the job. 

  • Consider the opinions and needs of others and strive to get along with co-workers, helping them when you see a need.

  • Be honest & have integrity at all times.  

Pop-Up Shop Vendors

At this time, we are accepting inquiries from vendors who make their own hand-crafted goods or own local shops that specialize in a similar aesthetic. Pop up shop is located at our South Park location and is 25% of sales or $150 for one day and $250 for the whole weekend.

Vendors can sell anytime between 9am - 7pm. For inquiries, please email